About me

Hi, my name is Lisa and I am the owner of Pawsitive Chronicles. This blog focuses on the positive aspects of pet ownership and features stories, tips, and advice on how to keep your dogs healthy and happy. Occasionally, I will also cover pet store offers for pet healthy and happy living.

Picture of Lisa Rubinstein

I’m a 40-ish woman that lives in a suburban area. I work as a marketing manager for a small business and I enjoy spending time with my family and pets.

I have one dog and I’m always looking for ways to keep it healthy and happy. I’m interested in positive reinforcement and prefer to focus on the positive aspects of pet ownership rather than the negative. I’m always willing to learn about new products and services that can help my pet live best.

My busy work can make it difficult to find time to research and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and information related to pet ownership. I worry about my dog’s health because it has protein intolerance and I want to be sure I’m doing everything I can to keep it healthy.

As a working mom, I prefer to consume content in short, easily digestible formats, such as blog posts. I appreciate a positive and encouraging tone and valuable content that is well-researched and informative. I also enjoy being part of a community and am interested in engaging with other pet owners.